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Bateria Aokly 100ah 12v GEL

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Gel Battery Model:6-GFM-100G

Capacity:100AH Voltage:12V

Product Features:

1.Capacity range:33ah-3000ah

2.Voltage class:12V

3.Long design life(25℃):12 years for 2V;18 years for 12V

4.Low self-discharge rate:≤2.5% per month

5. High sealed reaction efficiency:≥98%

6.High specific energy density

7.Excellent charge acceptance

7.Wide operation temperature: ﹣40℃ to +60℃

8.Grid:patent primary and secondary grid structure design

9.Positive plate:pasted flat type,high temperature and humidity formation technics

10.Separator:high porosity PE separator with glass fibre good cyclic characteristics

and lower resistance

11.Battery container:High strength ABS(UL94-HB) and UL94-VO is optional

12.Post sealing:patent double layer post sealing

13.Safety valve:narrow operate pressure range and equipped with explosion-proof

arrester and acid filter

Compliant Standards: